Brooklyn Podcasting Studio

187 Garfield Pl. 

Brooklyn NY, 11215

Tel: 513.781.9692

Brooklyn Podcasting Studio is open 7 days a week but we do not have set hours so please book a session online or email or call us! 

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Record comfortably in our world class studio outfitted with the top of the line gear and professional audio engineers.  BOOK NOW!

Need detailed editing for you Podcast? Let our pro engineers take your recording to the next level. BOOK NOW!

Got an Idea for a podcast but need creative help getting it off the ground? Don't worry, we got you!  Our producers can help make your idea a reality.  Contact us with your idea HERE.

Why you should record here

  1. We are Brooklyn's premiere studio that's dedicated to podcasting. You'll be hard pressed to find a better studio with better gear suited for podcasting than ours.

  2. We have a super high quality 4k hd camera so you can record video and audio at the same time.

  3. We actually care about the success of your podcast (yes actually mean that!), which is why we offer a free consultation by phone or in person (After purchase of first session). Our in house producers and engineers have a wealth of experience launching and producing successful podcasts and will look for as many ways to help you as possible. 

  4. We have a huge sound fx library that you can use (at no additional cost) to add all the extra feelings moods and vibes to your podcast.

  5. We have a great referral program where we offer 10% off your next session if someone you referred books a session a with us.

  6. We also offer up to 10% off your session if allow us to advertise on your podcast with a 15 sec. pre and/or post roll. This not only gives you a discount on your session but it also adds some legitimacy in the minds of your listeners if you don't currently have sponsors.***CONTACT FOR DETAILS***

  7. We do our best to promote our podcasters as much as possible on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages at no additional charge. (if you want us to promote a specific episode just send us the link).

  8. We will also take pictures every time you come in that you can use for your own social media feeds and we may also post these pictures on our own social media feeds as well with links and tags to yours. (but if you don't want us to post any pictures, let us know)

  9. Do really need anymore reasons? BOOK NOW!

Our Gear

CUSTOM monitor desk

Our custom Broadcast Desk is definitely the crown jewel of the studio. We designed it with conversation, comfort , and collaboration in mind. The octagon desk is outfitted with 6 mic stations and can comfortably seat 8 people. Each mic station has it's own headphone amp with controllable volume. And there are multiple electrical outlets in the center of the desk to charge laptops, phones, and any other electronics


All great recordings begin with a great microphone. Which is why we only  use the legendary Electro Voice RE-20 which is an industry staple in radio and is widely considered to be the best microphone in broadcasting. 


Our 2 Universal Audio 4-710d Mic Pre-amps also need very little introduction. These award winning pre-amps like our microphones have a reputation for delivering a clean and crisp sound with a depth and warmth that is hard to beat.


Our Soundcraft Signature 12 comes from a storied lineage of some the the best mixing consoles ever produced. It comes with their iconic ghost mic pres, on board Lexicon fx, and much more to ensure that we can seamlessly record you and your large group all at once.

Computer & programs

All sessions are recorded on our workhorse Mac Pro using Adobe Audition and Logic X Pro


 Our  Sony PXW-X70 pro camera produces crisp, super high quality 4k video. The camera records HD video using the XAVC Long-GOP codec with 4:2:2, 10-bit color sampling at 50 Mbps, providing footage with a high data rate that is suitable for broadcast applications. 

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