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"Don't make growing your podcast harder than it needs to be.
Let me teach you how to stop sabotaging 
your content and remove barriers between you and your audience"

Joshua Wilcox
Podcast Consultant
er & Operator of
Brooklyn Podcasting Studio 

Why Your Podcast isn't growing

 If you're reading this that's good because it means you're step one step closer in fixing your podcast or better yet maybe you're about to start your podcast but you want to get off to the best start possible. Either way you've come to the right place. But don't just take my word for it, see what my clients are saying.



Terry Rice.webp

"Josh has an uncanny ability to think from the perspective of a podcast host, listener and potential sponsor. He consistently leverages his experience to provide high-impact yet easy to follow suggestions.As a result I've been able to grow a dedicated audience and attract premium sponsors. His guidance is the closest you'll come to a cheat code for building a successful podcast"

Terry Rice


"Josh's profound wisdom, expert guidance, and unwavering professionalism have been invaluable assets, shaping the foundation of my podcasting journey. This is someone that I trust with everything at a professional level and personal one as well. He understands the space better than anyone and has always helped guide my content and podcast in immeasurable ways."

Felix Levine


"Josh has been an invaluable part of The War on Cars team since very early on. He has a keen ear for details and we know that anytime Josh offers a suggestion it's going to improve the podcast immensely. Even after more than 100 episodes, working with Josh is like getting a master class in content creation. His advice and insight have been instrumental in the growth and success of our show"

The War on Cars


"Josh's insight and direction was very helpful in terms of how to bring the audience in. Making the audience feel more included in the conversation throughout an episode"

Busy Boys Uncensored

"For anyone starting or already in the world of podcasting, having Josh Wilcox as your guide is a game-changer. Without his unwavering support and expert advice, I doubt I would have made it past my first seven episodes. Josh consistently provides constructive feedback and never fails to encourage me to explore new ideas. Having personally consulted with him, I can confidently attest to his professionalism and dedication to the podcasting community. With Josh's course, the podcasting community can only grow stronger and more successful"

WLA Raphael.jpg

Rapheal Harry


"Josh's knack for making listeners feel like a part of the show is unparalleled. I've seen firsthand how his insights can transform a podcast, creating a more engaging and authentic experience for the audience. His support has been invaluable in helping me fine-tune and enhance my podcasting skills, and I know this course will exceed expectations for anyone looking to up their podcasting game."

Sabine Franco

Google Reviews

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About Me.

My name is Josh Wilcox and I'm the Owner and Operator of Brooklyn Podcasting Studio and a podcast consultant.

I started Brooklyn Podcasting Studio in 2018 with the goal of being more than studio. I wanted to create not only a inviting and professional place where people can come and record but to be a resource for podcasters and help them in any way i could in their podcast journey. 

I've individual worked with over 300 plus podcast clients and worked  on over 2500 podcast episodes and counting. While i have done work for major media companies, brands, and podcasts such as Nike, The New York TImes, The BBC, PRX, Radiotopia, and Marvel Studios, what truly gives me the most joy is helping independent podcasters just starting out, grow their audience from scratch. And I've helped many podcasters do just that.

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A guide to better conversation podcasts

Who is this course for?

This course is for the new or seasoned podcaster (that is frustrated that they're not seeing their audience grow).

This course is specifically for those doing conversational/unscripted podcasts, meaning you're not reading from a script or writing out everything you're going to say verbatim.

This course is also for individuals that want to know and understand what it takes to make good content for their podcast as well as how to run and operate a podcast.

Why you should purchase this course!

Honestly it's simple. What I see holding most podcasters back is a lack of understanding of what actually makes good conversational content. Many podcasters don't realize that they're sabotaging their own content by committing a lot of critical BUT easily correctable mistakes. Sadly, many podcasters end up getting frustrating and quit because these easily correctable mistakes go unaddressed and most podcasters aren't even aware of them. Be Heard Vol.1 is designed to remove these unseen barriers that hinder you from connecting and attracting the audience you want.


Also, to be frank I've done part for you, so that you don't have to. I have spent 7 years working in the podcast industry having recorded over 300 different podcasts and helped produce/record over 2500 podcast episodes and counting. That is more than 4000 plus hours of podcasts that i have listened to and observed (and counting). And what you're getting in this course is that wealth of experience and knowledge that I acquired "the hard way" by actually listening to and watching every single podcaster I worked with, observing what worked, what didn't work, and more importantly, why.

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